Emojis are nothing new. They’ve long dominated digital communication spaces such as email, social media, and free instant messenger chats.

Streamlined team communication is extremely important, especially if you’re running remote teams. You want your team members to get all messages in time, never miss a notification, and perform a set of more complex actions like share files and collaborate on projects.

Distractions are a universal feature of the workplace. So much so that while reading this article you’ll likely get distracted by any number of interruptions commonly fueled by digital technology, such as social media and free instant messenger app notifications.

And while the coronavirus pandemic has left many offices shut, working from home hasn’t solved the problem. …

Most messengers have a group chat option — Whatsapp introduced it in 2009, Viber in 2012, and, since 2015, you can even do it on Instagram.

In such an environment, it was to be expected that a group chat app dedicated to team…

Slack has made quite a name for itself over the years. Starting out as an internal chat tool to keep a small team of gaming developers connected, Slack now boasts 12 million daily active users, half of whom are paying customers. That makes Slack the fastest-growing startup in history, not to mention one of the leading instant messaging apps for business.

Why Is Slack So Popular?

Communication apps are a must-have in today’s interconnected world. They’re a lifeline as more and more people go abroad for work, education, and leisure. With a stable internet connection, you can send text messages and other data while voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology allows you to make phone calls, no matter where in the world the other party is, and often for free.

So which apps are the best for chatting…

If you’re a Whatsapp user that cares about data safety, you’re likely familiar with the privacy update that was announced this month. It was meant to be rolled out on February 8th but it has since been delayed amid rumors about Whatsapp using it to share more data with their parent company, Facebook.

On the other hand, Telegram is often mentioned as one of the best Whatsapp alternatives on the instant messenger market. Both Telegram and…

If your company uses a team chat app, chances are you’re familiar with Slack.

Slack isn’t without its…

Workplaces today depend on technology for almost everything, not least of which is internal communication. Chat apps are at the center of this transformation, facilitating timely and productive communication and collaboration in an age of remote work.

Collaboration drives team performance. Teams that work well together are more engaged, perform tasks with higher determination, and achieve higher levels of success. It seems simple enough. Yet good collaboration eludes teams everywhere.

Team Collaboration Is the New Way of Work

Brosix Instant Messenger

Brosix is a cross-platform team chat and collaboration tool, ideal for everyday communication for business and leisure.

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