Can Instant Messaging Foster Greater Team Creativity?

It’s Open and Focused

  • 68% of millennials already text on a regular basis
  • Introverts, who often need to step back and consider a topic more deeply, can benefit from team messaging as a path to more constructive criticism and more creative solutions
  • The free-flowing and open nature of instant messaging lends itself to more prolonged discussions and with multiple participants
  • Free from outside interference
  • More conducive to creativity

It’s Dynamic

  • Company news
  • Topic ideas for the company blog
  • Product rollout updates
  • Images and screenshots for a client’s website
  • Employee birthdays, anniversaries, or after-work gatherings
  • Discuss the latest training manual with a remote technical writer
  • Get real-time updates from a team member at a conference abroad
  • Brainstorm a solution with a support team located overseas
  • Tasks are more meaningful
  • Brainstorming is more authentic
  • Collaboration is more effective
  • Performance is more powerful

It’s Robust

  • Transfer a presentation on an upcoming product release
  • Share photos for the company blog
  • Send a recently-written manual for proofreading
  • Create a presentation and then review and revise the corresponding targets, statistics, or visuals via a virtual whiteboard and video chat
  • Review and discuss functional documentation with a remote development team via screen sharing and voice chat
  • Send a screenshot of an exact error message to support over text chat to get a more timely and accurate fix

Final Thoughts



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