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Discord vs Slack




Voice, Video, and Visual


The Rundown

  1. If you’re after a freebie version, Discord’s is the way to go. Slack’s paid plans, while pricy, offer more in terms of chat features, integrations, and admin control.
  2. Both Discord and Slack offer highly usable platforms but with some key differences. Discord features a single login for all servers while Slack requires multiple logins for each workspace. That’s a matter of personal preference.
  3. Slack organizes chats by channels — public and private with threads — and direct messages. Discord arranges them by text and voice. If you can’t stand threads, go with Discord.
  4. Discord and Slack both offer video chat and screen-sharing. Discord’s robust voice capabilities and push-to-talk feature give it the advantage here
  5. While the two platforms are feature-rich, Slack offers more generous file sharing, storage, and more integration options.




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