How to Reduce Your Small Business Costs Starting Today — BROSIX

Reexamine Your Phone Plans

Consider Telecommuting

Rethink How You Market

Conduct a Thorough Audit

  • Slash printing costs — Consider going paperless or, at the very least, curtailing the amount you print. Enterprise-grade printers aren’t cheap and paper, ink, postage, and maintenance costs add up. Digitalizing invoices, bills, and payments help you reduce or even eliminate this overlooked expense.
  • Buy second-hand — Brand new furniture and equipment isn’t just expensive. In many cases, it’s unnecessary. Purchasing second-hand or scratch-and-dent furniture, as well as refurbished equipment, can save you a fortune.
  • Reduce credit card debt — A credit card is fundamental for any business owner. But if you’re not careful, interest and fees can creep up and impede your bottom line. You may not be able to pay off credit card debt overnight, but getting started now though makes your business more financially viable in the long-run.

Consolidate Your Software

  • You’re recouping what you pay
  • It’s vital to company functionality
  • You can consolidate your toolkit

Take Advantage of Freelancers

Reconsider How You Communicate

  1. Text chats are fitting for on-the-fly small talk, free-flowing conversations, short answer inquiries, and file transfers.
  2. Chat rooms are ideal for on-going conversation and discussion involving multiple participants; or organizing conversations by way of relevance — by project, team, department, or location, for example.
  3. Voice and video chats are optimal for conversations of a sensitive or personal nature, when there’s a lot to discuss, or if you need to effectively gauge vocal and facial reactions. Voice chats offer a dynamic communication alternative, while video chats, if structured effectively, can save you a fortune in business travel costs.
  1. Meet team members on their preferred communication channels
  2. Communicate dynamically and effectively
  3. Improve internal efficiency
  4. Boost cost savings long-term

Go All-in on Security

  1. A private team network which allows you to individually authorize user access, establish custom data security levels, manage contacts and features, and monitor communications platform-wide ensures internal communication remains in-house.
  2. End-to-end data encryption across peer-to-peer communication channels further complemented by anti-virus and malware integration protects you from malicious outside threats and attacks.

In Conclusion



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