Those Application Permissions Aren’t As Harmless As You Think

What Are Permissions?

  • A song recognition app would need access to your microphone
  • A mapping application would need your GPS coordinates
  • An email application would need your address book to fulfill its duties.

Is That All?

  • Contacts
  • Photos and multimedia
  • Files
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Location
  • You could be unwittingly spied on, eavesdropped, or tracked
  • Your photos and multimedia could be snooped and/or stolen
  • Your sensitive files and documents could be compromised

So What Steps Should I Take?

  1. Use logic and common sense — When going through the permissions list, don’t simply rush to accept every permission in order to begin using the app. A messaging application shouldn’t need access to your device or app history, storage, multimedia, or files. These permissions could expose your browsing history or enable an application to steal, delete, or share your data.
  2. Read the fine print — It’s something we almost always skip over. But always read the fine print regardless of the application you’re installing. While an application may still collect your data, by educating yourself before you download and install the app, you’ll now whether or not you want to proceed with the app in question. This way, there won’t be any surprises.
  3. Consider an enterprise instant messenger — In many cases, enterprise instant messengers offer stronger security and fewer surprises regarding permissions or the data they have access to. Brosix Instant Messenger, for example, offers a completely secure internal communication platform which:
  • Never requests unnecessary permissions or access to your hardware, features, location, or data
  • Prioritizes data security — preventing its exposure to outside threats
  • Provides a fully private Team Network
  • Utilizes peer to peer communication channels and AES 256 bit end-to-end encryption
  • Offers a host of tools and features to streamline internal communication and team collaboration

In Conclusion



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