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Effective Tech Support Begins with Effective Communication

  1. Consider establishing a support-related chat room. This allows for free-flowing discussion among teams regarding problems, solutions, and suggestions, as well as the transfer of support-related data like screenshots. Utilizing real-time chat capabilities provides constant connectivity between the necessary stakeholders — developers, QA specialists, system admins, and those in need of support, of course — while allowing tech staffers to handle multiple conversations simultaneously.
  2. For in-depth discussions and complex demonstrations, take advantage of voice and video chat. Text-based inquiries and responses can sometimes over-complicate things. Plus, the more personal nature of these channels, as well as the ability to pair them with collaboration tools, helps you reach a meaningful solution, and more quickly.
  3. Have robust security protocols in place. With remote workers and freelancers you can never be completely sure of the security of their device or the network from which they’re working. Peer-to-peer communication channels, end-to-end encryption, and anti-virus and malware integration over a private team network, however, provide both a preventative line of defense and a real-time communication and information safeguard.

Screen Sharing Remains a Vital Tech Support Solution

  • Assist a new hire in configuring their computer
  • Describe complex explanations regarding new tools and software setups
  • Demonstrate a new product with the relevant teams prior to launch
  • Troubleshoot software and hardware problems remotely

Don’t Overlook Screenshots

  • Eliminates potential language barriers posed by email and phone support
  • Provides a documented record of the support-related case
  • Allows for saving and future referencing of support-related information

Meet Customers on Their Level

  • Lets them multitask — When customers aren’t faced with convoluted email chains or phone calls hindered by lengthy options menu and long wait times, they can more freely go about their task load.
  • Connects them instantly — By removing tangled email chains and endless options menus, customers can connect with a technician instantly.
  • Addresses issues immediately — Long email response times and multiple replies by both parties mean that solutions via email support can take days to reach.
  • Full control over the employees which have access to the live chat feature and site visitors ensures customers always reach qualified and experienced agents.
  • Chat History Archives provide key oversight of the support process and allow you to improve practices for better quality control.

In Conclusion

  • A variety of robust channels for productive support-related communication
  • Screen sharing and remote desktop access for more effective tutorials and troubleshooting
  • Screenshots for support that’s both instant and visual
  • Live chat for support that’s timely, efficient, and familiar



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